You can make a difference in the life of one child. 

Your gift supports hope, healing, and justice for children recovering from sexual and physical abuse. Small Talks is a 501(c)3 charitable organization accredited with the National Children's Alliance.

More Ways to Give

Recurring donors provide steady and stable support for children in need, just our canine advocate Loki!

Join Our Monthly Giving Club with a donation of at least $5/month by completing the form above, or check out other ways to support our mission!

What Our Donors Say

The mission of Small Talk can’t be overstated. The dollars that are donated stay here, work here and make a change in the greater Lansing area.

Nikali Luke, Simplified Tax and Accounting

We are proud to  support Loki so he can assist children in overcoming trauma. 

Janice Milligan, Doggy Daycare and Spa

The dedicated staff at Small Talk provide hope, love, support, and professional therapy to hundreds of abused children and their caretakers- working tirelessly to ensure that every child has access to the care they need for their recovery process. Small Talk provides a beacon of light to children who have been abused. 

Amanda Hayhoe, Hayhoe Ashphalt

I support Small Talk because we owe our children a safe place to share their experiences, and their feelings.

Amanda Garcia-Williams, Jackson

Small Talk earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! Now everyone can view our financial details and learn about the people at our organization. Click below to visit our profile at

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Donor FAQ

Who do I contact about my donation?

Email our Executive Director

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes! In our donation form there is a check box titled, "Please do NOT contact me." If you don't want to hear from us, it's no problem! We appreciate your gift and respect your privacy. 

I want to donate office supplies/food/items...

Wonderful! Check out our Wish List, then call 517-253-0728 to schedule a time to drop off the items. Thank you for your support.